Shawn's Custom Quilting

My first attempt at quilt-making was back in grade 12 textiles class. I bravely designed a layout and went to our local fabric store (no such thing as a local quilt store back then) and purchased the brightest colours I could find. In Fortrel. The man-made fibre no long available to the consumer because it just never, ever wore out. I still have that quilt and there is a good chance that my great-grandchildren will too!
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It was many years before I attempted quilting again. My friend and I joined our local quilter's guild and I was hooked. I soon realized that my real love was planning a quilting design and quilting the pieced top.
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Before long I invested in a mid-arm machine and I haven't looked back since. I have quilted professionally for 11 years now and continue to expand my knowledge by training with educators such as Sharon Schamber, Claudia Pfeil and Kimmy Brunner
I live in the beautiful Kettle Valley in British Columbia.