Shawn's Custom Quilting


The fabric must be a minimum of 8” wider and longer than your quilt top. If your top is 70” x 90” then the backing fabric must be at least 78” x 98”. It can be larger, don’t cut it down to fit! This extra fabric is needed so the backing fabric can be attached to a perfectly square quilting frame.

If you are piecing the backing please use a 1/2” seam allowance not including the selvedges. Remove the selvedges and press open.

Sheets are not recommended as they usually are a higher thread count than quilting cotton and can cause skipped stitches and shredding thread. I have successfully used 'less expensive' sheets or even gently used sheets my client supplied.

Remember, a plain backing will show the quilting much more than patterned fabric.

Press well.

Check all seams and ensure they are secure and not pulling apart.

Trim threads on both sides of the top.

If using high contrast colours in your quilt and the fabric is fraying badly, plan on grading your seam allowance. Dark threads that fray out can show once the area has been quilted and they are very difficult to remove.

Press well.

Remember, quilting cannot correct missed points, wavy borders or stretched blocks!