Shawn's Custom Quilting


Continuous Line or Edge to Edge
A simple style of quilting that means that I will start quilting at one side of the quilt and not stop until I reach the bottom! Continuous Line quilting does not take into account the pieced blocks at all. The quilting lines will run over top of everything. Within this style there are different levels as simple as a Loop Meander or more complicated like the Wandering Feather.
wandering feather
A quilting style that means more care is taken with individual blocks or areas. After the quilt is loaded and stabilized on the frame all areas that are to be defined will be "stitched in the ditch," borders will be outlined, any appliqué will be outlined and so on. This style of quilting can really bring out the character of the quilt or even apply a mood to the quilt. If needed, I will make templates unique to the quilt. Custom quilting can be quite time consuming but very rewarding to both the quilts owner and me.
custom template
rope border
This quilting style involves the same detailed work in outlining piecing, borders and applique but just goes that little bit further. Original motifs and designs will be used. Typically, a higher loft batting is used so important quilting details will show. This is the type of quilting that will usually be seen on whole-cloth quilts or even baby quilts wanting to be used more for photo's and passed down through generations. Because of time involved and cost, this is rarely done for customers. Usually, a little piece of myself goes into this work.
pansy basket
princess dreams