Shawn's Custom Quilting

Pricing varies from 1.5¢ per square inch for a simple quilting style to "quote only" for heirloom quilting. Whenever possible I prefer my client to arrange time at the studio so we can go over her top, choose thread and discuss quilting options. My pricing always includes thread and I only carry the highest quality Superior Threads and FilTec brands. With hundreds of colours available we will have no trouble finding exactly what your quilt needs!

Click here for just a few more quilting style samples.

Here is a quick example of how to guestimate your cost (not including tax):

Width of top x Length of top = sq inches of quilt top
sq inches x quilting charge

55" x 68" top = 3740 sq. inches

loop meander 3740 x 1.5 cents per sq inch = $56.10
custom 3740 x 2.50 cents per sq inch = $93.50

My minimum charge is $50.00

- attach customer supplied binding by machine to front of quilt ~ $1 per lineal foot

- attach binding by machine to front of quilt and hand sewn to back of quilt* ~ $2 per lineal foot

- basting sandwich ready for hand quilting (minimum $50 does NOT apply) ~
1/2¢ per sq. inch. (78" x 90" top = $35.10)

- quilt top and backing preparation ~ $25 per hour, minimum $25

~I am not able to quilt out piecing errors! If the quilt top is not square or the borders are too full you can expect pleats or tucks in the finished quilt. While I will try to ease in as much as possible that will only work for a small amount of fullness. Quilting will not line up points or seams. I will notify clients before any drastic measures are taken!
~When 2 obvious colours are chosen for the top and bottom thread or a solid colour is used as the backing you may see "pokies" of thread colour coming through. I will try to accommodate the backing colour but I will usually match my bobbin thread to the top thread.
~Payment is due upon completion and payable by cash, cheque, VISA or MC. There is a $30 fee for returned cheques.
~I do hand-guided free motion quilting. My quilting will be unique and individual to each quilt and not computer perfect!